About Us

As the founder, I am passionate about dogs; I have rescued and fostered many four legged friends starting when I was in college.

In 2009, I adopted a Great Dane, Moose, who developed Polyneuropathy (nerve disease) at a very early age. He had pet insurance so he was able to receive the best of veterinarian care, to include Sixth Street Vet and The University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, throughout his short, seven year life. He endured countless surgeries, rehabilitation and in an attempt to control his horrible pain.

As a fun and creative diversion I would bake treats for him since he could not eat most grains or processed foods.  Many of the store-bought “packaged” dog treats were toxic to his system. Over many years I experimented with countless recipes to entice his selective pallet and I created treats that his sensitive digestive system could tolerate as well as to hide the many pills he had to take each day.

From my precious time with Moose, Bark n Bake was born.  We are located in Jacksonville, FL and are certified through the Florida Department of  Agriculture #Z003463.  All of our organic, preservative free, homemade items are baked and shipped throughout the United States daily.



“Our treats make tails wag”