Our Story

The Creation of Bark n Bake 

In 2009 I lost my heart to a fawn Great Dane puppy whom I Lovingly named “Moose”.    Moose had the best life EVER and even had his own bedroom complete with a twin bed!  He loved to sit on the couch like a human, give the biggest kisses, stand tall for hugs and do the notorious zoomies!  

Unfortunately, at the young age of 5, he was diagnosed with Polyneuropathy (nerve disease) and latter Wobblers”. 

From adoption I had purchased pet insurance which allowed him to receive the best medical care possible from numerous loving veterinarians and the University of Florida.  He experienced multiple surgeries, rehabilitation and holistic alternatives to control the horrible nerve pain but finally lost his battle at the young age of 7. 

During his last few years of life, because of his digestive system limitations, I decided to research recipes that could be modified to his pallet.  Together, we taste tested recipes until we found the one’s perfect for him.  His saucer eyes followed me as I moved about the kitchen and his tail wagged incessantly as he waited for the latest batch of treats; always waiting for that moment when fresh treats were ready to be taste tested and paws approved.    

Even on his worst pain filled days, days he could barely lift his head, he encouraged me to keep baking; to develop delicious treats that would allow him to eat fresh delicious preservative and grain free food. 


In April 2016, in memory of my “big man Moose”, Bark n Bake was born.  We are a boutique dog treat business, sharing Moose’s favorite recipes with fur babies within our community and throughout the US!

ALL of our products are handmade in small batches so that they remain FRESH!  Free of wheat, preservatives and fillers, ONLY the BEST of human grade ingredients are used (such as white chicken breast, grain fed beef and fresh lavender buds).  Our cookies are not “rocks” and easily eaten and digestible by small dogs and seniors!  


“My Four-Legged best friend of FUR & PAWS from whom I had to part with, your joyful memories and the laughter you brought into my life will be remembered everyday” 

Gone but not forgotten,
Love your Mommy