Our golden Midas adores his fresh, yummy treats from Bark and Bake. I absolutely recommend supporting a locally owned, quality business and your dogs will love you even more for getting them goodies from them🐾👍

Jae Hee Kim reviewed Bark n Bake5 star

Vortex and her friends just LOVE everything from the chicken liver jerky, beef jerky, and the brownies. The brownies are everyone’s favorite. Used the brownies to teach Penny how to climb and go down the stairs. Tank rolls over for his mom for them when nothing else works. Guinness just eats it on the spot when he usually takes his treats to his bed. Vortex would take the brownies ever so gently to make sure she gets it. If you have not tired the brownies, you gotta get them!!!!


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Birthday Party FUN!!!!

….. you have awesome products, can’t wait to try some more. Or should I say Remy can’t wait to try more! ~ Cindy

My babies love the selection and I appreciate them being healthy and organic!!!! ~ Kim

I have a very picky baby and she loves her peanut butter treats. Can’t wait to have her try the other flavors! ~ Cindy C.